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SP Tableware Papazoglou Group

Our company was founded in 1959, by Savas Papazoglou. Situated in Psiri Square, at that time the focal point of the tableware business, it engaged in wholesale and retail trade of household products aiming mainly at the local market.In 1982, the company took its name and Papazoglou brothers, Liberis, Pandelis and Dimitris recovered the firm's management.Today, the company is located in our contemporary, privately owned establishments in Nikea, which extend in a total area of 3.000 m².From the year 2000 onwards our company has started to export products in various countries all over the world.

As far as promotional methods are concerned, in Papazoglou Company we apply elements such as product's advertisement (in TV and the press) and participation in branching fairs, attaining in this way dynamic placement in selected selling points in the Greek market. We pay great attention in our customer's service, making it our daily concern. Our firm owns a modern crystal cutting branch (diamond wheel, acid polish); this enables us to offer delivery in a short notice for “hand made” glass, an area in which we are unanimously to be the most trustworthy in the market.The frequent contact with our customers, through a well organized business representatives' network, as well as a careful promotion campaign is the primary target of our sales department. We also take special care in our stock selection with criteria of quality and exclusive designs.

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